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Our Mission Statement:
Practicing the faith that unites communities.
Our Statement of Faith:
As a member of the Bible Fellowship Church (BFC), Grace Fellowship holds to the BFC’s Articles of Faith. These Articles of Faith are not in substitution for, but are in subordination to, the Word of God. We acknowledge the historical and geographic breadth of this fellowship, and affirm similar statements of faith devised at many times in the history of the church.
Our Vision of Grace:
We exist to impact all people by teaching salvation by grace alone. As these truths are believed and lived God’s people will be united, breaking down racial, social and economic barriers. Radical change will then take place; to the praise of God’s glory.
Our Core Values:
The following Core Values are the foundational beliefs and ideals that will drive the ministry focus of Grace Fellowship. They are based upon our biblical convictions and they will determine our priorities and influence our decisions.
  • Accountability
We value holding membership accountable.
God calls His people to live holy and separated lives.  We are to be living sacrifices for Him.  At Grace Fellowship we will confront open sin in our midst and we will adhere to church disciple principles the bible has set forth.  The primary goal of discipline is to bring restoration.
  • Biblical Teaching
We value biblical teaching that is both relevant and life-changing.
In our society we are told that truth is relative and there are no absolutes.  At Grace Fellowship we believe truth exists and is only found in God’s Word – the Bible.  We believe God’s truth is expressed most clearly through the Reformed Theological position.  The Bible will be our ultimate authority and standard for all that we believe and do.
  • Boundary Breaking
We value allowing the love of Jesus to break racial and economic barriers in our ministry.
It has been said that Sunday at church is the most segregated time of the week.  At Grace Fellowship we will have a church made up of many different races and walks of life.
  • Celebrative Worship
We value having dynamic praise and worship.
At Grace Fellowship we will incorporate both gospel and contemporary praise and worship music.  We will also blend traditional hymns of the faith. We will use many mediums (poetry, music, drama, artwork, multimedia, etc.) in order to create a vibrant environment in which people can see and hear the truth of God’s Word.
  • Church Planting
We value the intentional multiplication of ministries.
Healthy organisms grow and reproduce – and that is exactly what we will do.  At Grace Fellowship we believe that healthy growing churches can’t help but reproduce themselves.  And as such, we are committed to intentionally planting other churches that will introduce even more people to Jesus Christ than we can do on our own.
  • Empowering
We value the development and empowerment of each believer to utilize their spiritual gifts.
No one is going to sit on the sidelines in God’s kingdom – everyone will participate.  At Grace Fellowship we believe that God calls each to a specific ministry, not just the pastor(s).  As such, we will assist individuals in the identification of their spiritual gifts, train them in their use, and then place them in a position of ministry in which they can effectively use them.
  • Excellence
We value excellence in all we do.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  God calls us not to a mindset of perfectionism, which seeks to glorify self; but to do our very best under God’s strength and authority so as to bring glory to Him.  At Grace Fellowship we will honor and glorify God by adhering to a standard of excellence in all that we do.
  • Prayer
We value prayer.
Prayer is more than a, “now I lay me down to sleep”.  Prayer is where spiritual battles are fought and won.  At Grace Fellowship we will encourage vibrant prayer both individually and corporately.  We believe by diligent prayer we can have deeper a relationship with God.  And as a result prayer will be the foundation upon which all other ministries will be built.